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Subscription Data Processing LLC.

SDP has over 30 years experience in the magazine sales, service and fulfillment industry. We offer magazine fulfillment at the lowest possible rates, along with the 4star software/customer sales, service and collection program; the most robust software in the industry. SDP is more than a magazine clearing house; SDP provides a full range of solutions allowing our clients to maximize profits, increase sales, and grow their businesses without additional external financing.


Like many of our clients, we started out in this business about 30 years ago selling magazines. We developed relationships with our competitors, publishers and various vendors. As you well know, there was a large need to develop business software to help manage our business. Thirteen years ago, 4STAR was written to meet this need. This powerful software infrastructure provided the perfect platform for us to develop a clearing house management program. 4STAR enabled us to easily manage all of our clients and magazine processing needs. 4STAR empowers SDP to provide our clients the best customer service in the industry with very competetive prices.

Future Goals

SDP is committed to being the industry leader in all aspects of our business. You are entitled to the best prices available, top quality customer support, and a business partner that can empower you to be successful. SDP is always looking for ways to improve and looking for ways to add value to your business.

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